Sunday, August 30, 2009

Personal Appearance

Personal Appearance

Second Life is a virtual world accessible via internet. Each resident is able to create an avatar to represent them in the virtual world. These avatars can explore, meet other residents, socialize with other avatars, and participate in various groups and activities. I created an avatar that resembled me as much as possible.
My avatar has long blonde hair just like myself. Ever since I was born I have had platinum blonde hair. I wanted to continue this through my avatar because most people know me for having my natural blonde. I am most proud of having my natural hair color. It was difficult finding blonde hair in Second Life because before hand I had short brown hair. My avatar has a round face with big blue-green eyes. I really wanted my eyes to stand out the most. I think eyes are the most important part of a persons face. My eyes are naturally a light green color but I do wear blue contacts that add a shade of blue around the outside of my eye. I love the way it looks so I thought my avatar should have the same color of eyes,
My avatar has a very long and slender body. I have a long torso and very long legs. I wanted my avatar to have the same. I made her as tall as possible. I love my height but I do wish I was a little taller. Whenever I feel tall, I feel confident and powerful. I wanted my avatar to have extremely long thin legs like a model. I did make her have a little more of a booty than I do. I get made fun of by my friends on a daily basis because they always comment that I do not have a butt.
The last thing to do was to dress my avatar. I dressed her in a knee length black skirt and a short black top with black high heels. I wanted my avatar to be dressed in all black because it is a very classy color. Everyone looks good in black. I usually don’t dress up for class that much. I like to be comfortable if in in class. I really wanted my avatar to be dressed up because I love dressing up for parties and going out to special events. Every girl loves looking beautiful. I really enjoyed making my avatar. It was a little difficult picking and choosing from all the different choices to personalize your avatar.

Exploration Blog


Today I visited many sites on Second Life. The first place I teleported to was the Charkryn Forest. The first thing that attracted me to that site was that it was outdoors and with nature. I am a very outdoorsy person. I love interacting with natural and seeing what the world has to offer. There are many tall trees and large boulders that led me to discover a shack. The shack looked pretty old and worn down and surprisingly after going inside there was a pot cooking on the stove and a messy bed. I think someone might be living there. I actually met a variety of people also exploring the forest as well.

The next place I explored was Apocalypse. This place is very dark and dreary. It appears to be worn and dirty because of all the graffiti sprayed on the wall and windows. This place kind of reminds me of a scary movie. I came across one building that I decided to explore. It wasn’t very interesting. I just had to walk up a lot of floors which was very tiring.

The third place I visited was the Pondex. I really enjoyed the Pondex because it was outdoor s and in the open-air. After exploring the place I came upon a hot air balloon and was able to go on a ride. I took a picture of the view from the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon actually took me to a rock in the sky which was kind of neat to see everything from so high in the sky. After exploring up there I went down and swam with a school of fish in the river.

The last place I visited was Beckenbach. It was a very wide open place. There wasn’t very much to do at this location. It was very dark and hilly. I discovered a small forest that led me to a little waterfall and river. There really wasn’t a whole lot to explore that this specific location. I couldn’t really find anything fun and interesting to do.

Friday, August 28, 2009


hey this is my blog. I am very new to this stuff, so I don't know exactly what I am doing.